Line Thirteen

"La Estrella Acesencial"


Elvera Santos

Line Thirteen, #1


Line Initial: "E"

Joined In: Spring 2014

Birthdate: July 9, 1995

Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland

Hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Ethnicities:  62.5% Black

                        25% Brazilian

                        12.5% White

Undergraduate Concentration: Undecided


Favorite Quote: "But I say, why invite stress in? Stop studying strife and learn to live "the unexamined life"..."


Reason for joining LTA: The reason I joined LTA was I really believed in the sororities mission. They are all about promoting the universal woman, which I feel as though I definitely am. One of my favorite LTA quotes is "Latin by tradition, not by definition." I felt as though my involvement in the Charlottesville community could only be amplified through joining LTA. Alongside community service, the fact that LTA is academically based was a major indicator that it would be perfect for me. LTA allows me the opportunity to interact and build bonds with sisters not only from my chapter but all around the United States and that is something that I really value.