Chapter History

"The Gracious & Almighty Gamma Alpha Chapter"

In 1999, the enrolled first year class at the University of Virginia totaled 2,924 students, 77 (or 2.6%) of which were identified as “Hispanic American.”  Observing that the organizations supporting the needs and voice of the UVA Latino community were limited at the time, and that the greek-lettered organizations catered mostly to White American and African American students, Suhey Nevarez decided to start a sorority at UVA that could unite not only Latinas, but women of all backgrounds. 

In September of 2000, several ladies who shared this similar goal formed an interest group by the name “Sisters of Diversity.”   The group’s express purpose was to research national sororities that offered opportunities for leadership, minority empowerment, community service, and, most importantly, a true sisterhood that was blind to color.  It was decided that one particular organization, Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., best exemplified these characteristics. 

Because of their perseverance and dedication, three ladies would proceed to establish the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha at UVA on April 29, 2001. 

These ladies are:

Suhey Nevarez

Po Ning Soo-Hoo

Daniela Maria de la Piedra

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Over a decade later, the “Gracious and Almighty” Gamma Alpha Chapter has continued to grow and strive for excellence at the University of Virginia.  The sisters have succeeded in developing a sisterhood that is based on the sorority’s principles of Unity, Love, and Respect and have nourished a chapter that has provided countless social and cultural activities, as well as charitable and educational programs at the university and within the Charlottesville community.

Proudly, the sisters of Gamma Alpha chapter embrace the organization’s motto “Latin by Tradition, Not By Definition.”   Our sisters come from various religious creeds and ethnic backgrounds, including but not limited, being from Puerto Rican, Ecuadorian, Chinese, Chilean, Peruvian, Native American, African American, Brazilian, Portuguese, White American, Irish, Mexican, Venezuelan, Bolivian, Panamanian, Belizean, Salvadorian, Cuban, Honduran, and Argentinean descent.

In addition, the ladies of Gamma Alpha have achieved a high level of success both while at the university and after graduation.  Our chapter alumni are distinguished women who work and excel in prestigious professions within the legal, medical, science, sports, education and financial-sector fields.